Will Artesia Glass bid prevailing wage jobs?
Yes, Artesia glass will bid both commercial and public works prevailing wage jobs.

Does Artesia Glass provide Design/Engineering support?
Yes, we will work with our clients to value engineer contracted projects.

Does Artesia Glass work on new condominium projects?
Yes, if there is an Owner Controlled Insurance Program (OCIP) that covers California liability insurance requirements.

Does Artesia Glass provide and install Sloped Glazing/Skylights?
Yes, but only commercial grade systems.

Does Artesia Glass provide and install decorative glass?
Yes, we provide and install almost any type of glass that is specified.

What type of Door Hardware does Artesia Glass supply?
We will provide all major brands of hardware relating to Aluminum and Glass Doors.

Does Artesia Glass provide and install motorized/automatic doors?
Yes, on new installations only. We do not repair them.

Does Artesia Glass provide and install aluminum, vinyl or steel windows?
Yes. we can supply and install aluminum, vinyl or steel windows.

What type of specialty glass and windows does Artesia Glass provide and install?
We provide and install the following types of glass and windows: Laminated Acoustical, Fire
Rated, High Performance, Insulated, Low E, Blast or Bullet Resistant, Detention, and Seismic.

What kind of procurement services does Artesia Glass offer?
We offer special pricing on a volume procurement basis. We sell high quality window products and accessories. If requested, we will validate measurements, guarantee window sizes and install the products.

Does Artesia Glass have a safety program?
Yes. Artesia Glass will meet or exceed safety requirements on our projects.

Is Artesia Glass hiring?
Yes, please contact us to discuss our current career opportunities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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